Purchasing a new home is a serious undertaking with a plethora of issues to consider and important decisions to make. Many people are nature lovers and enjoy having space that their families can enjoy without the excessive city noises and over congestion. However, every benefit can have a detriment. Owning a home that is built on a large piece of property in an rural area can sometimes result in conflicts with native wildlife. Our consultants are experienced in surveying properties, identifying suitable habitat for wildlife of concern, and providing detailed reports that can help put your mind at ease. We also offer wildlife conflict mitigation preparation and services.

What we Inspect for:
- Signs of Infestation (Invertebrate and Vertebrate establishment on the property)
- Habitat preferences of species with confirmed locality data
- Endangered/Threatened Species
- Potentially Dangerous Species (venomous snakes, alligators/crocodiles, specific arachnids)
- Invasive (non-native) Species (Under strict regulations due to high establishment rates)

Why is this service beneficial?

- With environmental crisis occurring in many areas across the United States, State/Federal and City agencies are working to protect certain environmental resources. This can have a place in your home, where you may be near habitat for endangered species, which can conflict with plans you may have for your new property.
- We help you to determine whether there are any major wildlife risks or concerns with a detailed report, complete with text and photographs (where applicable).
- In the event that we notice a potential conflict, we then formulate a plan that abides by State and Federal regulations to help you continue with your goals.
- We aid in providing contact information for any state or federal agencies, as well as provide you with copies of the permit applications where applicable. We do the work and take the load off of your shoulders.

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