Snakes are interesting creatures that have a set of their own unique characteristics that goes against everything people come to think of as "normal". As a result, it is natural to fear the unknown. When people see snakes around their home, their first concern is that it is venomous. They fear for the lives and safety of their children, pets and themselves. It is reasonable to be concerned about a venomous snake on the property, as even though they don't wish to cause you any harm, bad situations can arise. We hope that we can provide you some safety guidance on how to make reasonable adjustments around your home and property to prevent any unnecessary and unfortunate conflicts.

Keep the grass on your property mowed short:

Snakes are secretive creatures that don't enjoy being out in the open for very long. They feel vulnerable in such a condition. Keeping your grass cut short prevents the snake from having cover, and will subsequently keep the snake from sticking around too long.

Feed attracts rodents, rodents attract snakes:

If you store horse feed or other animal feed on your property, keep unused portions in lockable, solid containers to prevent attracting rodents. Also be sure to clean up excess spillage on the ground. Where there are rodents, there will be snakes.

Keep your property free of debris:

Do not allow planks of wood, tin, or excessive brush to lay around your property. They are excellent refuges for snakes seeking shelter from heat, wind, and rain. They also provide cover from predators.

The Benefits of Snakes: How Snakes Help People:

Snakes are major consumers of rodents and other smaller mammals. Rodents especially, are significant vectors for disease, which are spread around your home upon their entry looking for food. This risk often goes unnoticed for a considerable period of time, which potentially can result in a member of your household falling ill to an illness transmitted from a wild rodent. Snakes, being allowed to perform their natural duties, reduce this risk very effectively, as they are not susceptible to the diseases carried by the rodents. Rodents breed multiple times per year and they are capable of having an average of 7-8 mice per litter. Snakes exploit dens that are used by rodents, of which snakes of different sizes are beneficial as they are able to help control rodents at all different ages.

Snakes and other reptiles, especially those that are healthy, carry far fewer diseases than any mammal or bird on the planet. However, their lengthy developmental periods of growth leave them vulnerable for many years to a variety of predators (including humans). In our natural ecosystems, too much of any one species can be a major detriment and can upset the balance of local ecosystem, potentially causing a collapse. This is especially true of rodents, as their basic biology and morphology drive them to be quite destructive. This harms people in the long-run, whether we realize it or not, as we harvest nature every day to suit our needs and desires. Snakes enable us to keep our environments healthy, and it is the least we can do to offer them protection to continue doing us that valuable service.

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