Snakes, love them or hate them, are an integral part of our natural world. Each species fits a niche and serves a purpose to keep our ecosystems balanced. However, despite the many often overlooked benefits that these creatures have to us, conflicts between snakes and humans continue to rise. Nearly all of these situations are caused by human activities such as habitat destruction and forcing animals to seek shelter elsewhere.

Regardless the reason, we seek to help man-kind coexist with these creatures successfully by offering safe and efficient removal and relocation options at affordable prices. Each team member are seasoned reptile specialists with extensive knowledge of snake behavior, handling and safety. So whether the snake has somehow made it into your home, or is perched outside in an unwelcomed area, we are able to help. The best part is, we safely remove the animal and relocate it to the wild so that it can continue its valuable natural service.

First time service: $40.00 - This service includes free return assistance in the off-chance that the same animal returns to your home after relocation (rare, but possible). All venomous snakes are marked before release for identification purposes.

Return callers: $30.00 - There are homes that are backed up against property that might get a few snake incidents per year. Once you've called us, if you call us to come out more than once for different snakes, then we offer a discount of $10.00 off of the original price. However, please keep in mind that if it is the same snake that we removed previously (they will be marked), then the removal is FREE of charge.
Police, Fire and EMT: FREE Assistance. Our police, fire and medical squads work hard and long hours to keep us safe. To show our appreciation, calls from law enforcement, fire and EMT's squads will be answered FREE of charge!

The question often gets asked, "Why should we choose your service?". The answer is relatively simple. Unlike many nuisance control companies, we live and breathe reptiles. Snakes and other reptiles are our life-line and what drives our passion. Therefore, we understand more about these animals than any nuisance control agency will ever. Furthermore, we operate at a fraction of the cost!

Call us Today at 863.268.5936!!

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